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The DOG Club


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The DOG Club is located approximately 20 minutes to Collingwood and 10 minutes to Thornbury nestled in the gorgeous country side of the Town of the Blue Mountains


My name is Lindsey Young and I own and run The DOG Club. I have loved dogs since I was a child. I decided to start boarding dogs when I was trying to find somewhere for my dog to go when I was booking a vacation ... it was nearly impossible 15 years ago! I wondered how I could create a welcoming and caring environment where dog owners could be guilt free dropping their dog off while they went on vacation. The DOG Club was the result!!!

In 2004 I started my dog sitting business on our 52 acre property. It has since evolved from a few dogs living with me to a brand new facility with 10 gorgeous dog suites.

Since the beginning I have strived to provide a connection with each dog that stays with me. I want them to enjoy spending time here!

I am a member of the International Boarding & Pet Services Association and have completed a Certificate of Education for Basic Canine Specialist and Certified Canine Provider. I also follow the Code of Conduct for the International Boarding & Pet Services Association.  

I also have a Certificate of Achievement in Professional First Aid and Trauma Response in Canine Emergency First Aid. My son, Tate, also has a Pet Sitters Certificate from a course he took at the Georgian Triangle Humane Society.

I also own a dog raw food and treat company  with my dear friend, Cassidy Holt.

The Rooted Dog

We sell incredible raw food blends and single proteins and amazing single ingredient dehydrated treats!  You can check us out at


My name is Rochelle O'Connor and I work here at The DOG Club! I love dogs and animals and am so excited to be able to work with them for a living!  My sweet puppy Frankie won the dog lottery and gets to join me at work where she loves to play with all of our amazing dog visitors. I worked previously as a registered nurse, but have truly found my passion here surrounded by four legged friends and this amazing property. I look forward to meeting you and your dogs!



 Each dog has their own suite so you can bring their own bed and toys. I have raised beds and cozy blankets her as well if you would prefer to pack a little less. Please bring a towel, blanket or toy that smells like home for them if you choose to have me provide their bedding.

 The dogs have access to fresh water all day (water bowls are changed a minimum of 3 times per day - fresh water is yummy water!).  

I have plenty of stainless steel bowls so no need to pack Fido's bowls.

The dogs can be fed free choice or be on a schedule. Administering medications and extra feed times, such as a lunch, are included in the cost of regular boarding rates. I provide bowls for water and food (of course there are some dogs who prefer their own and you are welcome to bring them).

The dog suites are refreshed on a daily basis (or more often if necessary). Just like in a hotel - beds are made up and cleaned if necessary and the suite is vacuumed and sanitized - a clean suite is a healthy suite!


This hotel for dogs has an enclosed backyard for playtime. Well socialized dogs can be matched with other dogs for supervised playtime in the yard.  

Dogs are let in and out of the enclosed backyard a minimum of 6 times per day: at wake up, after breakfast, before lunch, after mid day snooze, after dinner and before bed. 


The dogs are walked on and off leash.

Depending on their re-call and at my discretion. For safety reasons any off leash dogs will need to have stayed with me for more than 3 nights and have been tested with their owners on my property and have signed the off-leash walking waiver.  

Walks are weather-permitting, which means if it is extremely inclement (thundering, lightning, or scary windy or above 30 degrees or below -20 degrees) then only backyard play is offered. There are also some days in the fall and spring when the creeks become fierce - no off leash walks are offered on those days.

Walks are broken up into several categories:

the well socialized dog that enjoys other dogs company but needs to be on leash the well socialized dog that enjoys other dogs company and can be off leash the extremely human friendly dog that doesn't enjoy other dogs company - on or off leash - solo the frat boys / sorority sister all in high energy wild party off leash walk the senior meander - includes a slow paced walk to smell the roses!

Walks are meant to be fun and enjoyable for everyone! A lovely change of scenery to keep the day interesting and stretch the legs! Please let me know how you normally walk your dog and we can cater to that style! Walks normally happen late morning and/or early afternoon.

Well-socialized, non-aggressive dogs are welcome to visit for overnight stays 7 days a week. 

(*closed for pick ups and drop offs on Sundays)


Please note that this is an environment where dogs are exposed to one another so it is imperative that your dog is up-to-date on their vaccinations (Bordatella, more commonly know as kennel-cough or canine cough, vaccination is mandatory and they must have had it a minimum of 10 days prior to boarding and within one year) and flea medication and that they will be happy living with other dogs around them. 

Proof of vaccinations is required prior to our first meet and greet.

(your veterinarian can email your dog's vaccination certificate to me at

Please note that your dog will be in a country environment where they will, at times, cross paths with our Canadian wildlife, and for this reason the leptospirosis vaccination is strongly recommended and I advise you to talk to your veterinarian about this. Also, your dog should be on a de-worming program to ensure they stay happy and healthy. There is an interview process and some forms that must be filled out.

Please always have your dog on a leash for drop offs and pick ups.

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