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Please note that you will always be charged for the drop off day and will be charged for the pick up day if you pick up after 9:30 am

Daycare:  $45 plus HST - bring your dog or puppy for a day of enjoyment to socialize, play and have fun at the farm!!!  

Unaltered Males - over a year old Daycare:  $55 plus HST 

Overnight Boarding: $55 plus HST

Unaltered Males Boarding:  $65 plus HST  (maximum of 2 in kennel at one time)

Unaltered females:  we do not accept unaltered adult females

*Pick ups after 9:30 am will incur a daycare charge of $45*

Special Care: 


Owners that would like to board their dog in the house with me:  $90 per day plus HST

Your dog will sleep on a dog bed in my bedroom overnight but still enjoy all the perks of kennel life with dog playtime and walks 


Dogs that need to board with MEDICAL CONDITIONS (ie. surgery, multiple medications or procedures, treatments 2 x per day, or very special needs) and their owners must travel $125 per day plus HST  

It is better to take them to a veterinary clinic to be under observation, but under certain circumstances, they will be accepted - must not have a transmittable disease. COMMUNICATION with the dog's current veterinarian is required prior to and directions for treatment are required.


Monday to Friday

8:15-9:30am or 4-5pm


8:30-9am or 3:30-4pm


If you can't make one of these time slots work for you then a charge of $35 will be added to your bill for a drop off between 10 am and 3:30pm.  Sorry no drop offs or pick ups past 5 pm - you will need to pick up the next morning.  No Sunday drop off or pick ups - no exceptions.  

Holiday Mondays 

9-9:30 am 

4-4;30 pm


SORRY, NO drop offs or pick ups on Sundays


My goal is to provide a stress free drop off and pick up for both dogs and humans!

I am normally attached to my phone so if you are running behind or have an emergency where you need me to care for your dog last minute please let me know at or text me at 705-446-4272.  

By appointment only please. Some dogs are walked off leash and for their safety I make sure there are NO loose dogs for your appointment time to drop off or pick up your dog.  

Please always have your dog on a leash for drop offs and pick ups.

Thanks so much for your cooperation.

The dogs' safety depends on this. 


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